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Peter Pan play

Who is mama and papa please can you tell me sir

Imagination 2.0

Let me tell you something.When you read a book,you are no more on earth,you are in a whole different dimension full of fantasy books.So unless you want to stay stuck on earth not reading then that is your choice but if you are like me -enjoying opening worlds above your imagination- I don't want to disagree with you.

My Life's explanation. is hard

Bilaal Diriye & Nahidul Miah(Life is so hard)


Dear Diary,

Today I have moved to Falconer Road and my new house traumatised me. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie.It was disgusting with bugs and stains EVERYWHERE. It has no lights, no brand new walls and a toilet in the kitchen! The house is so disgusting that spiders scatter around in no direction.


As I ventured outside to explore the garden, I came across a little shed that probably hadn’t been opened in years ( yes , years). I went inside and saw woodlice DISPERSED across the minute shed, then I saw a silhouette that will forever haunt my dreams…


isn't liverpool amazing!


I DISLIKE LIVERPOOL(hey thats my opinion)

using **** is too harsh

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